We stand on owner side together to fix and create proper management by creating effective leading management to execute our moto: “everybody is sales person” that makes everybody has productive culture rather than consumptive habit.


Hotel Management Consultation

We assist owners to get the best return of investment from the business. Focusing on the unique selling points (USP) of your property, our hotel management experts will develop a customized and creative strategic hotel advice plan, to increase the revenue generation power of your hotel, resort or restaurant. And with our business development DNA and creative approach, we we will increase both top line revenue income as well as bottom line profit. We will push all performance levels of your hotel; REVPar, GOPPar, NOI, NOP, EBITDA, …


    • Recruitment and qualification of hotel manager.
    • Vender selection and negotiation.
    • Development of SOP and SOO protocols.
    • Recruitment and Training of the hotel staff.
    • Development of Financial reporting structure.


    • Coaching and steering of hotel manager in operations.
    • Monitoring of on-site team performance and service standard quality assurance.
    • Identifying opportunities to maximize cash flow while maintaining or improving the market position.
    • Seek to improve the physical attributes of the hotel.
    • Monitor maintenance of the asset to ensure it remains in tip-top shape.

The following elements are part of our Owner Representation Services: 

 Concise reporting

 Benchmarking and best practices

 Operational performance reviews

 Review of staff capability, qualifications, and performance

Hotel management supervision and coaching

 Quality control & property inspections

 Training planning

 Strategic planning

 Sales & Marketing plan monitoring and advisory

 Revenue management and distribution support

 Expense monitoring and cost control

 Facilities recommendations

 Capital Expenditure planning and monitoring

 Operations budgeting


We calculate our fee based on hotel qualifications (stars) and qty of the rooms, or we charged based on increment of profits every month.

What we provide and specialized:


we can support you with your hotel project from the earliest stages. We excel in development of new hotel concepts, and original ideas, including branding, positioning and product analysis. If you are looking to become the new fresh solutions in the hospitality industry, we are what you want.


our experts in hotel revenue management and pricing will work on increasing your room and total revenue. With our best practices in hotel yield and distribution we will grow your hotel’s RevPar and GopPar.


after all are set, we injected the delivery tools which is staff’s communication skills, mentality, mindsets, motivation, and any other powerful soft skills to produce maximum result.


expense monitoring & cost control, capital expenditure planning & monitoring, operations budgeting, administration and all supporting point to create a stabile operations.


review of staff capability, qualifications and performance to find the best focus and solutions as we create a strong brand identity to the business.

Elhos hospitality expert provides operating hotel management training and maintenance system in *short term contract  by managing human resources in deep human resources training system and consult KPI (key indicator performance) on every sector to establish proper hotel & restaurant management team that generate best service performance among other hotels and restaurants in Bali.

We focus on growing company margins and focus on reaching company’s target that has been created by Owners or Board of Director to balance the company financial and gaining profit.

If you need insight and proper standard procedures from the experts, we will do from A to Z on what you really need to boost values and bring the investment back in the shortest period of time.

With this program, we will include ALL of our services that really elevate hotel values like never before. One of them is the Hospitality Expert Training & Mentoring program, click here for more information.

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